Never judge a book by it’s kindle cover.

Technology is a strange thing.

One day you’re experimenting with fonts on Microsoft Word, believing truly that you are at the very peak of technology.

The next moment, you find yourself listening to complete technological jargon, and you’re wondering why you didn’t get the memo that people weren’t making PowerPoints anymore.
It’s only natural that things move on over time, we stop buying CDs, developing photographs and findind new episodes of Friends to watch. This is understandable of course, with these things constantly evolving. That and the fact that Jennifer Anniston likes a change of job now and again.

Sadly with these modern advances, we find ourselves waving goodbye to other things too.

Goodbye to the nights spent squinting at worn pages in dimmed rooms, hours past bedtime. Ciao to the papercuts that were the result of a ferocious page turn, and the many winces that followed. Au revoir to the nights spent queuing up for the next installment of a book, desperate to get your hands on its smooth paper pages.

With the changing times, I find myself surrounded by children with ipad shaped eyes, and Kindle sized stockings, and I can’t help but think that something has been lost upon the way.

It’s not the grumpy librarian that makes it great, and it’s certainly not the strange smell that wafts from the yellowing pages of our mums Enid Blyton novels that she insists is just dust.

It’s something else. Its the first white page, and the folds in the corner from all those times you nearly lost your place. Its the misshapen corner from that time you nearly dropped it in the bath, and that funny smear when you got soup on your favourite chapter. It’s the satisfaction of stacking them up, and creating your own library.

Call me old fashioned, but If my children have heavy rucksacks, and full bookcases, I will know I’m doing something correctly.

So i beseech you, follow the reader. Follow them all the way to your local bookshop, and bring back the paper copy, toss out the dreaded kindle and strike a blow for literacy.